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Tristate Legal Services provides reliable and accurate process service for a broad range of case types and clients.

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Dependable, Professional Process Service

Tristate Legal Services offers professional process service throughout the Tristate area and beyond. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have solidified our company as the “go-to” for those seeking a reliable process server.

Our team consists of local, trained, and communicative professionals dedicated to providing our clients peace of mind with efficient service. When you hire Tristate Legal Services, a server local to the service area is assigned to your case. We ensure that all employees are up to date with the rules and regulations regarding civil process to ensure acceptable service in court.

Tristate Legal Services goes the extra mile to guarantee that your legal papers are served accurately while meeting your deadlines. We also file and retrieve court documents and conduct private investigations, giving us an edge on other companies in the area. Let us be a one-stop-shop for your legal needs. We make the decision to hire a process server an easy one!

Our Technology

Our modern process serving technology allows us to complete serves faster and provide great customer service. We give you the ability to login to see where the papers go from start to finish. Through this modern technology, all attempts are time-stamped with GPS coordinates. Throughout the 5 Boroughs and New York, this is necessary for a serve to be considered valid. Tristate Legal Services makes the process easy, you will always be informed on the status of your serve.

Nationwide Service

Tristate Legal Services has a network of professional process servers that allows us to serve your legal documents anywhere throughout the United States. Whether it’s going next door to Bergen County or across the country, your papers are in good hands. You can depend on Tristate Legal Services to get the job done throughout New York, New Jersey, and beyond!

Process Service

By delivering court documents such as subpoenas, summons, writs, and other legal paperwork, we officially notify individuals of their involvement in a court proceeding. This is a crucial step in upholding due process and we handle our role with the utmost dedication.

Filing & Retrieval

We file legal documents into the court for review by the county clerk. We can also retrieve the necessary documents from your local courts for your legal case. Our familiarity with the courts and their systems allows us to perform these services quickly and efficiently.


In addition to our other legal services, we provide thorough investigations for a variety of cases and clients. We use modern investigative tactics and technologies to gather relevant evidence and report all findings back to our clients in a organized and timely fashion.

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Whether you need to hire a local New York process server or have a paper to be served in California, Tristate Legal Services has you covered! Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (800) 357-0126 for a quote.

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